Leverentz Lake State Forest Campground at Baldwin, Baldwin, Michigan.

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  • Jun, 01 2019
    Janelle Afonica
    I had higher expectations for this campground.
    Being a Michigan native and frequent traveler, I've stayed at much better places than this one. Don't get me wrong, it is a nice enough place to camp, fish, and hike, but it just didn't cut it for me and my fiance. We went on a Thursday morning, the first week of May, and thought we would have a secluded camp spot for a long weekend. Guess not. We drove 4 hours only to get to a place where there were already people. We saw 14 people in 12 hours. Natives of Baldwin (I'm assuming) like to come for the day and fish, drink, and chat. I heard people party here alot (which isn't our style), and our first night there were vehicles driving in and around blaring music trying to find their friends. Of course, this could have just been THESE people, but they were disrespectful and took away from our lazy vacation.
    The bathrooms were bad. Like, really bad. I don't care about outhouse style bathrooms, but I do care about piles of leaves, mud, mosquitoes, spiderwebs, and spiders as big as my hand. It looked like it hadn't been swept in months (which could be understandable), but it wouldn't take more than 20 minutes to sweep, spray bug spray around the edges, or dust some cob webs. The men's bathroom was much harder to see in at night due to a green roof, but the women's was filled with huge spiders.
    The lake is nice and very pretty, but like I said, you're often not alone. You're fishing with people or people are kayaking, etc. Like I've said before, this is fine, but for us, we prefer seclusion and quiet.
    We tent-camped like usual, and we usually have no problems with temperature or weather. It's just a part of camping. BUT, with the lake and tree cover, the temperature was FREEZING. With 2 sleeping bags, 2 blankets, and 4 layers of clothing, I was still freezing. Of course, it is early May, but just as a warning to others: it gets colder than you expect here! It was 78 during the day and 20 at night.
    The camp itself seemed to just have an odd feeling to it, but it could just be me.
    Also, there were signs (May 2016) that a mother bear and 2 cubs had been seen in the area, so BE CAREFUL! On the trails, with your kids, with your pets, with food, or walking at night. Be careful!
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